TEACURRY Mint Green Tea- 50grams

TEACURRY Mint Green Tea- 50grams
TEACURRY Mint Green Tea- 50grams
TEACURRY Mint Green Tea- 50grams

TEACURRY Mint Green Tea- 50grams

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Product Brief

  • Shelf Life:  18 months
  • Quantity :  50 grams
  • Brand:  Teacurry
  • Country Of Origin:  India
  • Material:  Mint Green Tea

Product Description

• STOREHOUSE OF HEALTH - Teacurry sun dried mint leaves tea helps improve digestion, treat bad breath, soothe stomach, fight flu and reduce fever. Dried mint leaves assists with improving mental awareness, cognitive thinking and focus. Mint tea prevents nausea and helps reduce stress. Consuming mint tea daily helps promoting healthy skin and hair. The anti-inflammatory properties in mint reduces redness caused by acne and helps prevent build up of bacteria that can clog pores.

• 100% NATURAL MINT TEA - Teacurry dried mint leaves tea consists of pure mint leaves in form of Mentha Arvensis variety, from farmlands in Punjab. Handpicked and selected by our highly skilled master tasters over thousands of cups, Teacurry Mint tea has its own unique minty sweet taste. Teacurry mint tea is available in both forms as mint tea bags and mint tea loose leaves. The mint tea leaves are all dried in-house to specifications - with no added sugars.

• DELICIOUS MINT TEA - Teacurry Mint tea drink is a herbal tisane with afresh, cool flavor having a tingling finish. Teacurry Mint tea offers a cooling sensation that can be likened to a delicate yet refreshing mist. Mint tea has a pleasing aroma that invigorates the senses. Tea of Mint leaves has a light green-colour with a sweet minty and refreshing scent. The tea is frequently brewed hot, but also makes an excellent iced tea or can be used as part of cold infusion mixes.

• IMPROVES DIGESTION and SOOTHES STOMACH - The cooling effects of menthol in mint tea help to soothe an upset stomach by relaxing the stomach muscles that can cause cramping. Mint tea improves circulation and relieves inflammation. Mint leaves stimulates the secretion of gastric juices that break down food and speed up digestion. Mint tea moves gas throughout the body relieving the feeling of bloating and cramps. Menthol increases bile in the stomach and reduces the symptoms of constipation.

• TREATS BAD BREATH and COMBATS FLU - With a fresh, clean feeling and with menthol that fights halitosis that causes bad breath, mint tea is the perfect drink when it comes to fresh breath. The antibacterial properties of Mint tea, work from within to kill the germs that cause bad breath. Mint tea also helps fight cold while building up your immunity. Mint tea also soothes a sore throat. Mint tea helps open up airways, relieving congestion and alleviating severe colds such as bronchitis.

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