Chai Collection Handwoven Bamboo Eco-Friendly Pouches 50g

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Chai Collection Handwoven Bamboo Eco-Friendly Pouches 50g
Chai Collection Handwoven Bamboo Eco-Friendly Pouches 50g

Chai Collection Handwoven Bamboo Eco-Friendly Pouches 50g

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Product Brief

  • Material:  Herbal Tea
  • Country Of Origin:  India
  • Brand:  Karma Kettle
  • Unit:  50 gm
  • Quantity :  Set of 5
  • Shelf Life:  6 months

Product Description

Taking you on an adventure to different corners of India, one sip at a time.If your idea of the perfect gift includes giving the best tea experience and being kind to the environment, then you are in the right place!As a homegrown brand, Karma Kettle strongly believes in the concept of zero-waste, and we are constantly moving towards sustainability and organic products. Introducing our eco-friendly pouches, which are intricately handcrafted with reed, bamboo grasses belonging to the Poaceae family, to serve as sustainable alternatives in our daily lives to make them more healthy and natural.IN THE POUCH:Benares: Staying true to its name, our signature organic masala chai blend will transport you to the busy streets of Benares! Organic Assam black tea is blended with an array of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves, to create a bold organic infusion that is full of flavor.Cutting Masala Chai: A robust and rich cup steeped in aromas and flavours, our authentic Bombay Cutting Chai features certified organic black tea with organic cardamom and spices.Chilli Chai: Organic Chilli Chai is an exotic spin on chai with the inclusion of Thai spices such as lemongrass, pandan leaf, kaffir lime, and chilli. The Chilli Chai’s aroma features oriental spices and coconut and has a nice chilli kick at the end. Lemongrass in the chai helps boost metabolism and ginger improves overall immunity. The tea is packed with organic ingredients that make it a healthy, refreshing and energizing drink!Ayurvedic Chai: Our Ayurvedic Chai is a robust black masala tea, perfectly paired with earthy herbs and spices. It's packed with the goodness of organic tulsi, ginger and turmeric. The ingredients are rich in antioxidants and possess anti-inflammatory properties, helping manage stress, improving focus and allowing the body to relax.Sulaimani Malabar Chai: Organic Sulaimani Chai is a special green tea version of the very popular Malabar spiced chai and includes cardamom, pepper, cloves, and spearmint. This golden brew gives out an aroma of delicate spices and has citrusy, minty notes.

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Customer reviews

December 09, 2021

Really happy with the product. The aroma of the tea is really nice.