Bliss Jumbo Mix Pack Sanitary Pads -32 Pads (XL & XXL)Biodegradable

Bliss Jumbo Mix Pack Sanitary Pads -32 Pads (XL & XXL)Biodegradable
Bliss Jumbo Mix Pack Sanitary Pads -32 Pads (XL & XXL)Biodegradable

Bliss Jumbo Mix Pack Sanitary Pads -32 Pads (XL & XXL)Biodegradable

Seller: Greendelight Innovations Private Limited

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Fulfilled by: Greendelight Innovations Private Limited

  • Unit:  1 box contain 32 mix pads - 16 pads in size XL & 16 pads in xxl
  • Quantity :  32 pads
  • Material Care Instructions:  ORGANIC KENAF
  • Material:  ORGANIC KENAF
  • Country Of Origin:  India

Bliss Natural Pads are Biodegradable Sanitary Pads Proudly Made In India. Bliss Pads Are 100% Organic Sanitary Napkins made with Feathery Softcover and High absorbency Suitable for All period Flows. It’s Completely Plastic-free and Chemical Free Biodegradable Sanitary Pads. Bliss Natural Holds a prominent place among the Best Organic Sanitary Pads Brands in India and it’s the first of its kind.*A pack contains 32 – 16 pads in size XL and 16 pads Fluffy Organic Sanitary pads with our Unique Ingredient Kenaf and wings for secure protection.*Size XL can be used for moderate to heavy flow, preferable for short travels.Size XXL can be used for heavy to very heavy flow, preferable for nights and long travels.*Layers: Bliss Organic sanitary napkins are made entirely of Organic Cotton pulp along with Kenaf, Bamboo Nonwovens as Top Sheet, and Starch Based Bioplastics as Bottom Layer. No chemicals are added as fragrances or Absorbents to ensure your direct contact with the biodegradable Sanitary pad is safe and secure. *Types: Bliss Natural 100% organic cotton, Kenaf Based Biodegradable sanitary pads are available in Two types- Fluffy Pads and Slimmy Pads. Fluffy Pads are Regular cushiony Sanitary pads and Slimmy Pads are Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads.*Package: A Pack contains 32 individually wrapped 100% organic Sanitary pads. These pads are packed in a bio-plastic cover making them not just safe for you but also for the environment.*Degradability: Bliss Organic pads start degrading in 6-12 months in a composting facility.*Certifications: 1. Bureau of Indian standards certified 2. First time in India, FDA approved sanitary pads 3. Biobased Certified as per ASTM Standards.

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