Hand for Handmade

Hand for Handmade (HFH) is an organization that came out as a Helping hand to the craft and handmade industry’s survival in the crucial time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

India's second-largest rural livelihood provider, The Handmade sector - is an industry of millions of artisans, thousands of designers, hundreds of producer groups and several other associated services. And they were all faced with this unprecedented crisis. Disruption of large markets like tourism, retail and hospitality, reduction in non-essential purchases and broken supply chains posed challenges like never before.

As the consequences of the first lockdown began surfacing, Shibani Dasgupta Jain,an alumna of NID (National Institute of Design) and founder of Baaya Design, concerned about the future of her business (which engages with artisans and handmade craft products) set up a social media group to figure out how others were coping with the situation at hand. This struck a chord with many others who joined immediately to collectively share experiences and look for synergies. What began as an informal network of artisans, designers and craft patrons, soon grew into a strength which started to channel the energies of the group into definite paths and HFH came into existence.

Since then, HFH has become a platform for cross-selling opportunities, and technical and marketing support to help artisan communities. The network of over 300 Members. Each HFH member is a well-regarded artisan, professional or business. Collectively, the HFH network is a who's who of artisans, designers, educationalists, journalists and brands involved with craft and handmade. The members energise and facilitate business introductions, collaborations, learning and engagement in the HFH ecosystem.



HandMadeKatha is an extension to this eco-system,

HandMadeKatha story started with a vision, To create an online selling portal for artisans, artisan clusters, designers and vendors who are registered members of Hand for Handmade Foundation. This platform facilitates ethical practices in the online space by encouraging fair pricing and commissions in the terms of trade in the craft and handmade ecosystem. Also, the products here are carefully selected, curated and onboarded. The mission to connect artisans and artisan groups with larger market networks of buyers of handmade products is at the core of HandMadeKatha.