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Earth Rewards is an instant saving or bonus offered to the buyers. Every purchase on Earthencart helps buyer earn Reward Points. Once buyers have collected enough reward points, they can redeem those points to shop more and can save more.

These reward points are irrespective of Payment method the Buyer chooses.

However, Earth Reward points cannot be merged with any other promotional and discount offers. Hence, if any promotional and discount offer is availed than rewards points will not be earned and credited.

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How You can Earn Earth Reward Points?


Shop and earn.

On every Rs. 10 spent for shopping you will earn 1 Earth reward point.

How Buyers can Redeem their Earth Reward Points?


Minimum 100 points are required to redeem reward points

1 point- get Rs. 0.25 off on purchase

Reward points can be used up to 5% of order value

How does it Work?

Your Earth Reward points start to get accumulated in your account from the time you make your first purchase. The points will be calculated based on order value.

In case of Return of order, fully or partially, these points get debited accordingly basis the final order value of product (s).

At checkout point, there is an option of “use Earth Reward Points”.

Use the drop down option to insert desired points from your total Reward Points and your saved points will be applied instantly and balance, if any, will reflect in your account.

It’s really so Simple !!